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1946Pogue Label & Screen was founded by Clyde Pogue in Saint Louis, MO.  The company specialized in container printing and earned a reputation for quality services at competitive prices.

1998 – current President Michael Meuser purchased the company from the Pogue family and it quickly grew, garnering growth awards along the way.

2003 – ProPack Packaging is founded with a revolutionary product sold as Kronen Holding Tank Treatment that made Rv’ing safer and more fun as it eliminated the harsh chemicals common to the market.


2005 – Pogue acquires the assets of its nearest competitor, Container Decorators.

2006 – Pogue purchases a larger building in south St. Louis to accommodate rapid growth, it’s fourth move in 7 years.

2009 – Meuser buys control of ProPack as a vertical integration strategy and the company flourishes under his leadership.  ProPack is moved into the Pogue facility in St. Louis, MO. 

2012 – Pogue acquires the assets of Gill Plastics, a small pad printing shop specializing in high quality, short run advertising specialty products.

2013 – ProPack acquires EPA Midwest and its flagship brand B.E.S.T. (Better Environmental Solutions Today) a line of cleaning products formulated specifically for the RV industry. If you’re interested in learning more about our RV products, click here

2013 – ProPack acquires Hohn Manufacturing, a contract filling business with operations that include both liquid and powder blending operations.  Meuser moves ProPack into Hohn’s Fenton, MO facility, providing needed space for growth of both Pogue and ProPack.


2018 – Meuser becomes sole owner of ProPack.

2019 – ProPack acquires Westport Labs which provides a springboard into the world of personal care products.

After more than a decade of operating both Pogue and ProPack as separate companies, Meuser merges the two together corporately, retiring the Pogue name. The combined company moves forward as ProPack Packaging, Inc.

2020 – Needing space once again, ProPack begins construction on a new building in High Ridge, MO. After many months of hard work and only a few minor hiccups (if you want to call a pandemic a “minor” hiccup), ProPack was able to move the employees of both businesses into its new location in 2021. Now we can truly say there is no job too large as we continue to accommodate full scale production projects at effective costs and continue our reputation as one of the leading container decoration and contract filling services around, because at ProPack we know that what’s on the OUTSIDE is as important as what’s on the INSIDE! Our experience spans across all different kinds of industries, and we are excitedly waiting to help you take on your next challenge! 

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Michael Meuser


Our president, owner and fearless leader! Mainly he just takes the credit for everyone else’s hard work…

Contact him for any filling related quotes!


Jennifer Corley Headshot (1)

Jennifer Corley

Office Manager/Sales

Jen started back in 2004 when ProPack was still Pogue- but the weird thing is that she’s still the same age as when she started! She’s got red hair so translate that information however you’d like.

Contact her for any deco-related quotes or AP/AR inquiries!


Rebecca Headshot

Rebecca Hanneken

Project Manager / Artwork / Social Media Management

Rebecca is a professional student who works here to support her addiction to learning. She serves a variety of roles that, like her degrees, is always growing.

Contact her if you have any project, artwork or social media inquiries!



Terra Martinez

Inventory Management

Don’t let her pretty photo fool you. Terra actually prefers to be as dirty as possible- in fact, you can usually find her riding around on her four-wheeler, or spelunking inside cave systems!

Contact her regarding purchasing or with filling-related questions!


Chris Smith

Production Manager - Decorating

Contact him if you have any production-related inquiries on the deco side!


Mike Kleffner

Production Manager - Filling

Contact him if you have any production-related inquiries on the filling side!


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